4 Steps to Financial Freedom 

How to accomplish your financial goals without significantly increasing your income 

Are you ready for financial freedom? It's all about how you use your money! Register today to watch our webinar and discover a new way of looking at your finances: one that minimizes risk, increases accessibility, and puts you in control of your money.


Our 4 Steps to Financial Freedom webinar walks you through 
taking control of your money one step at a time.

STEP 1: 

Identify where your money is slipping through your fingers. You can't ever be in control of your money if you don't know where you're giving it up!


Make specific adjustments in the big spending areas. You will start looking at your money differently. Remember, if nothing changes then nothing changes!


Start saving by creating continuous compounding interest. Discover how to take advantage of tax-free policies that give you uninterrupted interest and the flexibility to continue using your money.


Borrow against your money and start seeing big benefits. Let us show you how to cut out the middleman and take back control of your money and financial future.

More Than Financial Peace-of-Mind

Financial Freedom

With this 4-step process you gain control over your money, the freedom to use it as you want, and accessibility to your long-term savings.


Financial Stability

 Not only will you become debt-free, but you will have retirement security, safe saving strategies, better cashflow, and financial protection for your family. 


Financial Opportunity

Discover how to save your money tax-free and optimize your retirement, all with the flexibility to cover unexpected expenses today. Change your mindset!

"Your ability to take the process of securing financial freedom and reverse engineer in such a way that I do not even miss the money was, to say the least, very impressive. Additionally, your ability to explain the process in such a way that makes me excited puts you leaps and bounds above others."

- Frank C. 

"During the first year or two of working with Tim, it was difficult to be patient and wait for the money in the policies to accumulate. I greatly appreciated Tim's persistence and guidance during these times because it was absolutely the best decision I made for my financial future."

- Jim T.

“Tim is great at helping us understand how best to use what money we have, finance life while working, and simultaneously plan for retirement. How did you figure out this system?! Because I can't understand why everyone wouldn't do this.”  

-  Mike & Liz B., Enola, PA

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Your Financial Goals Are Within Your Reach

Your stressful finances are not going to transform overnight. In fact, they are not going to change at all unless you start making changes. 

Even if you are working hard to save, invest, and pay off your loans, you are doing it all within a system where you do not control your money—which means you're at the mercy of those who do.

Whether you are struggling between paychecks, struggling to save for your kid's college, or nervous about impending retirement, it is time to take back control of your money and make it start working for you. Watch our webinar to find out how!

Let's Talk About Your Concerns

Does revolutionizing your finances feel a little overwhelming? We've been there too. 

Anything new—especially when it comes to money—can easily feel confusing or overwhelming. This is partly because we are all used to the traditional financial advice. 

Your whole life you've been told to pay off your house quickly, put away for retirement, use cash, etc. However,  traditional financial advice is rigged against the everyday person. Instead, it benefits the greedy 1%, the banks, and the government! 

It's time to make the prudent decision and use a different system for your finances: one where you control your own money. We're here to cut out the middleman and put your profits back into your hands.

Don't risk your financial security any longer. Ready to discover a better way?

Meet Your Tier 1 Capital Team

After decades of experience in financial services, Tim Yurek was fed up with following conventional financial wisdom and knew there had to be a better way. Through years of research, hard work, and great mentors, Tim discovered the method he teaches Tier 1 Capital clients today, which helps them gain financial freedom, control, and peace of mind. 

Following in her father's footsteps, Olivia Kirk became an expert in financial plan design and implementation and uses her gifts and passion to help guide others to financial freedom.

The pair is heavily involved in supporting and serving their community and is passionately committed to the success of their clients. Above all, Tim and Olivia value honesty, family, and good-old-fashioned hard work.